The tides are turning…

Following the March equinox (Sunday 20 March), where the days and nights are pretty much equal and what marks the official start of spring, my thoughts turn to the photographic opportunities that surround the Creative Conduct design studio in this creative coastal town of Hastings, East Sussex.

Subsequently, one of the largest annual tidal ranges of the year can be witnessed. Towards the later part of this week, you’ll almost be able to walk to the end of the pier on the sand.

Hopefully the combination of the milder weather, clearer days and early morning warm low light just after sunrise will combine to set the scene, and present perfect photographic conditions. A fascinating viewpoint with birds feeding, fishermen collecting bait and hive of activity from the plant machinery and workman on the pier. All provide fascinating subject matter, backed by the soundtrack of the sea.

Following my photo shoot six months ago around the autumn equinox and low tide at sunrise on the penultimate day in September 2015, I’ll be once again marking the visual timeline of Hastings pier and documenting the progress as its brought back to life and nears completion.

Darren McGrane