Corporate communications

Client: Roots & Shoots UK

Project: Marketing material, publications and newsletters

Roots & Shoots is JGI’s international environmental education programme. Creative Conduct works closely with Roots & Shoots UK to create various materials aimed at school children and their teachers, to create a greater awareness of the programme and to stimulate their compassion for the world around them. Helping them to take positive action in support of animals, people and the environment.

Another long-standing client, Creative Conduct has been working with JGI and Roots & Shoots in the UK since our inception in 2007, producing effective, engaging communications material to include, event displays, brochures, marketing literature and regular newsletters that have helped grow their Roots & Shoots initiative to involve almost a million children and 1,700 schools in the UK alone.

Recently with the arrival of Roots & Shoots in Abu Dhabi, UAE we continue to provide our design agency services to support their continued growth and increase their international reach to fellow active schools and groups overseas.